European Bike Ride 31st-August-2022

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Wednesday, 31st-August-2022, Samoreau to Nogent-sur-Seine. 48 miles. Nice early start to the day, although I couldn’t leave the campsite until 7.30, but that was okay. Everything was so wet this morning from the dew I thought it might let things dry out slightly. It didn’t.

I realised last night that I camped next to the river Seine, as I am again tonight. I was hoping to get a little further today. But the route I took turned into a narrow overgrown path. So I turned around and headed back on myself. And spotted this campsite and decided to stop.

The cathedral at Montereau

Well, touch wood, my new saddle seems to be comfortable enough. However, my arms are aching slightly. My riding position has changed, but so far, my bum has been okay!

I’ve also been feeling as if I’ve had a bit more energy today. I Googled foods to boost iron levels, and as most people know, red meat and spinach are good. Well, if restaurants were nearby when I stopped, I’d be in there ordering a steak. But there hasn’t been any. But it also said that lentils were good, and so was dark chocolate. The lentils I’d forgotten about, but the chocolate was a new one to me.

So yesterday morning, I bought a bar of dark chocolate and ate some of that, and last night I had lentils for supper. And I’ll have the same again tonight. Hopefully, it’s all helping. If not, I’ll have to check into a hotel so that I can get a steak.

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