European Bike Ride 3rd-September-2022

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Saturday, 3rd-September-2022, Pont-sur-Seine to Bray-sur-Seine. 21 miles. Haha, at this rate, I might not even make it home for Christmas!

Although I’ve not cycled very far today, it’s been a good and rather productive day. I’ve managed to fix my saddle! Which is something I should have done a few days ago. But old Mr Impatient here, who just wanted to cycle, is now paying for it. I’ve got a sore bum, and my back is killing me. My back always hurts, but now I seem to have hurt my coccyx bone. But today, I’d had enough and decided to sort it.

I stopped at a “Mr Bricolage” where I bought a 60mm M8 bolt, washers and some nuts. But of course, you can’t just buy one of anything. These days you have to buy a pack. But at least I’ve got spares now.

I sat outside”Mr Bricolage” and set about repairing my saddle. And with a bit of phaffing around, I managed to fix it. Hopefully, it should last quite a while, as long as I remember to tighten it!

It felt so comfortable to sit on my Brooks saddle I almost regretted turning around. But it’s definitely the right decision. I would have been pushing things a bit too far, especially if I can only manage twenty miles daily.

Nuts and bolts
My fixed saddle

Last night’s campsite was a cracker. It had a little restaurant where I was able to order a steak, for my anaemia, of course! Well, I enjoyed it so much I ordered a second one! It didn’t seem to make any difference to me today. I still felt worn out, but I did enjoy the steaks. There’s another restaurant on tonight’s campsite, which I’ll check out later.

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