European Bike Ride 5th-September-2022

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Monday, 5th-September-2022, in Bray-sur-Seine, still! Well, I had all good intentions of moving on today, but due to a dodgy stomach, I thought it best to stay put. It’s bad enough having a bad stomach in a tent. But it’s much better than being out on the road somewhere.

Barge on water

One of the many barges that ply up and down the Seine

What was I saying the other day? I’d rather be ill and struggling on the road than unwell at home. Well, at 4 am this morning, I didn’t think so when I had to get up and rush off to the toilets! Luckily though, I made it in time, just!

Still, with all this downtime, it gives me a chance to catch up a bit with my social media. I’ve been inundated with comments and messages.

Bit of a violent end to the day, and I don’t mean my bowels! I could hear the rumble of thunder gradually getting closer for well over an hour. When it hit, it just started to rain; the thunder was still in the distance. Then the rain got heavier, and the wind got up. We then had a burst of hailstones for about five minutes, making the outside look like it had been snowing. I was glad I’d pitched my tent under a tree, which is now covered in leaves.

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