European Bike Ride 6th-September-2022

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Tuesday, 6th-September-2022, Bray-sur-Seine to Melun. 47 miles. Well, I finally managed to get my arse in gear and leave Bray-sur-Seine, although I’ve not actually come that far today.

Last night’s storm didn’t go on for too long, although I could hear it rumbling away in the distance for a long time. And although camping under a tree saved me from the worst of the hailstones, it didn’t do me any favours overnight. As I knew it wouldn’t. Because long after the rain had stopped, the tree was dripping on my tent, and it continued to drip all night.

It was a misty start to the day, which is not surprising considering how damp everything was from last night’s storm. And much of the day was spent on the same roads as I was on a week ago. But because I was going in the opposite direction, and I’ve got the memory of a gnat, it all seemed new to me!

Statue of man on a horse
That bloke was still on his horse in Montereau

Once I’d reached Samoreau, I was on a new route. And I’m now following Eurovelo route 3, which should take me into Paris.

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