European Bike Ride 7th-September-2022

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Wednesday, 7th-September-2022, Melun to Paris. 50 miles. There was another thunderstorm last night, although not as bad as the previous one the night before. But apparently, Paris had it bad last night with hailstones. As long as it was last night and not tonight, that’ll be fine. However, the day ended with it raining.

You’d have thought today’s ride into Paris would have been easy following Eurovelo route 3. All I had to do was keep the Seine on my right, and it would be fine. It was okay the closer I got to Paris, but for a few hours this morning, the route wasn’t very clearly marked. And I spent more time stopping to check the way. But as I say, the closer I got to Paris, the better the signage.

After getting my picture with the Eiffel Tower, the rain started, so I didn’t hang around and made a beeline for the campsite. I might return to the centre of Paris tomorrow morning to get a few photos. I’ll see in the morning.

Man by tall tower
It just had to be done

I think I am going to follow the Seine again tomorrow. I’ll look at it overnight.

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