European Bike Ride 8th-September-2022

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Thursday, 8th-September-2022, Paris to Les Mureaux. 41 miles. Short day today, and I’m in a motel tonight. It’s been a hard slog today, mainly because I didn’t get much sleep last night. I’d forgotten how noisy the campsite in Paris was. The place for tents is right next to a busy road. So I was tired before I’d even started today.

Usually, when I’ve camped in Paris, I head back into the centre the following morning to take some photos when it’s quieter. Not today. Apart from not having the energy, the skies looked rather black. It had been raining on and off all night. But no thunder and lightning.

Boats tied up
Barges moored along the Seine

I’ve stuck to the Seine again today, following route 33, “La Seine a velo”, which runs from Paris to Le Havre or Deauville. I know it’s a longer route to the coast, the way the river meanders through the countryside, but it’s flat! I’m really struggling on hills. This morning to pick up the Route along the Seine, I took a shortcut from the campsite. The only trouble was it took me over a rather steep hill, which I overlooked when I thought I’d go that way. By the time I’d reached the top, I was gasping for air and could have done with some oxygen!

There’s been a lot of showers about today. But luckily, I’ve managed to dodge them all. Or when it has rained, I’ve been sheltered by trees and only had to stop once briefly to shelter.

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