European Bike Ride 9th-September-2022

Garry McGivern’s European bike ride, Friday, 9th-September-2022, Les Mureaux to Les Andelys. 51 miles. What a struggle that was today. Right from the start, there was a strong headwind, and I was also feeling pretty tired after not sleeping very well last night. You’d have thought that a night in a comfy bed with clean sheets would have done the trick, it didn’t. I hardly slept a wink.

I initially started to follow the roads, but with such a strong headwind, I soon found my way back to the “velo a Seine” cycle route for some shelter, which worked well, although, as I said yesterday, it takes you all around the houses.

House on bridge
The old mill at Vernon

Fifty miles seems to be my max at the moment. The last fifteen miles of the day were a real struggle. Mind you. It wasn’t helped by the fact that it started to rain. At first, it was just showering, and I sheltered until they passed. But gradually, the showers got more frequent until I relented and put my waterproof’s on and cycled the remainder of the day in the wet.

Very sad news of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. What a great lady. I was genuinely saddened to hear the news last night. And I thought it was quite fitting they turned the lights out on the Eiffel Tower last night in respect.

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