Saturday 1st March – February Update

Not much has happened at all this month; I’ve just been counting the days down to my operation early next month.


The weather improved a bit towards the end of the month, the winds eased off and it wasn’t raining as much. So I started to think about going on a small cycling tour around the southwest of England and Wales, using youth hostels, as camping is out of the window on two accounts, 1 there’s no campsites open at this time of year and 2 I don’t think I could cope with having to put a tent up and down each day! Staying in hotels was an option but then it becomes a really expensive affair and not being able to work for the past four months I couldn’t afford it so youth hostels seemed the perfect answer.


I mentioned my plans to the back specialist but he really wasn’t keen on the idea and strongly advised against it saying “that my back condition was pretty dangerous, but luckily I seem to have got away with it so let’s not try and make it worse!”

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