First-Ride After Full Hip-Replacement Video

A short video of Garry’s first-ride after full hip-replacement, It’s only been a week since Garry underwent hip replacement surgery. But he’s already back out and about on his bike! Making a nuisance of himself!

Although Garry’s back on his bike, I think it’ll be a while before he’s able to go away touring. There’s a big difference between riding his bike up and down his road to cycling 60/80 miles a day!

There’s also a slightly different version of this video on Garry’s Instagram page.


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4 Replies to “First-Ride After Full Hip-Replacement Video”

    1. Thanks, John, it’s annoying having my car and van up the drive, but I’ve taken them off the road as I’m not allowed to drive.
      I hope your riding is going well and your confidence is growing.

  1. Bloody amazing! I tell all my friends about you. (three) Was that the same bike? I thought I saw a toeclip on one pedal. I’ll bet, when you’re kitted up, your bike could start off without you.
    See you in Marseilles.

    1. Haha, I cycled to the hospital today to get my dressing changed and got told off for cycling the ten miles there! And have been told to rest, so maybe I won’t see you in Marseilles just yet! They weren’t keen on me cycling back either!
      That was my old pub bike, my thirty-year-old Marin. I’ve got toe clips on both my bikes but no straps.

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