Flickr Photos August/September 2022

It’s been a wet morning in West Sussex, so Garry’s made the most of being stuck inside and uploaded the photos from his French bicycle tour in August/September 2022 to his Flickr page.

Garry had just passed Troyes and was camping at Mesnil-Saint-Père by lake d’Orient when he decided to turn around and head home. The tour was initially going to be a European bike ride. But Garry was struggling to get through the day because of his anaemia. And another mysterious outbreak of blisters that didn’t help the situation.

Rather than go back the way he came, Garry decided to follow the River Seine. That was until he got fed up with the meandering river and all its twists and turns.

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You can view the photos by clicking on the photo below. Or click on any image to view it on Flickr.

Flickr Photos France August/September 2022

France August/September 2022

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