France Bicycle Tour 23rd-July-2010

Garry McGivern’s France bicycle tour, Friday 23rd-July-2010 Herbignac to Camors. 70 miles. Bloody wind, we’ve had a strong headwind for the past three days. It’s now starting to get rather boring. But then that’s the joys of cycling east-west against the prevailing winds.

Pont de-Saint-Nazaire from yesterday

Somebody thought it was a little chilly when we left camp at six-thirty this morning. And it wasn’t me. I would have thought Katrin would have been used to the cold. Don’t they have a lot of snow in Switzerland?

We decided to stick to the coast today and head to Port Navalo, where there is a ferry to Locmariaquer. Then from Locmariaquer, we turn north. But we were unsure if the ferry took bikes. It was unclear from what we could read in the Lonely Planet guidebook. So we stopped off on route at a tourist information shop. The lady in the shop was very helpful. (It also helps that Katrin speaks fluent French.) She also gave us a timetable and said yes, bikes were allowed on the ferry.


While looking at the timetable, we suddenly realised that the next ferry left in less than an hour, and there wasn’t another one for three hours. Bloody French and their two-hour lunch breaks! And we still had over twelve miles to cycle against the strong headwind. So it was head down and go for it.

We managed to make the ferry just in the nick of time. And after our dash to the ferry, we were both pretty knackered and only managed to cycle another twenty miles or so today. I guess we’ll just have to make up for the lack of miles cycled today, tomorrow.

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