Friday 11th November

Melk Abbey
Melk Abbey, Austria

Fri 11. Amstetten to Vienna 76 miles. Had a nice evening last night even the hotel manager gave me some local drink which I can’t think what it’s called, it was towards the end of the evening! Think it was a sort of wine, very nice indeed and a nice gesture and she wished me safe and pleasant onward journey. Bitterly cold this morning started off in shorts but didn’t last very long, think they might be away for a few days to come. If it wasn’t for the wind which was blowing straight at me all day it would have been a pleasant ride in the sun, after battling for 9 hours against the wind, right towards the end of the day I had to go up a hill at 417 metres! Not what I really wanted and it was already dark. Saw a sign for the eurovelo route 6 today, which is the one I rode on, along the Loire valley last year, I was going to follow it along the Danube, but decided not too, it can wait for another time when I’ll ride it all the way to the Black sea.

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