Friday 11th October 2013 in Pogradec

My leg is really starting to play me up now, it’s not even that good when I’m cycling, although I can cycle a lot better than I can walk. When I’m peddling I’m not too bad but as soon as I stop and put a foot down that’s when the pain starts! And I’m now finding any excuse to stop although I don’t know why as I’m in more pain off the bike than I am on it! Just need to pull myself together and get finished, I might change my finish point I’ll see tomorrow it depends how I feel when I’m cycling, I’ve got about fifty miles to do before I have to decide!
Why I want to go home though I don’t know (apart from seeing family and friends which is always good) as I know I’m going to be in a lot more pain, but at least I can get some stronger pain killers, which will hopefully help and maybe I’ll have to try and get this sorted once and for all!

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