Friday 11th October. Dole to Montbeliard. 95 Miles.

Well that was a longer day than expected!

It took me three campsites and three hotels before I found one that was open!

Barge with people on
Barge along le Doubs

I came across my first campsite at around 3 o’clock. That’ll do me I thought! No chance it was “ferme!”

Not a major problem, after all it was a bit early!

River trees blue sky
Lovely sunny day

Ten miles down the road or rather river I should say, seeing as I’ve been following the river Doubs all day, I came upon another campsite, which yes, you’ve guessed right was also closed!

Thinking I best find a hotel, I went to the two hotels that were in town, both closed! What’s the matter with these places!

Man in tunnel
Cycle tunnel that went under Besancon

After another nine miles or so and another closed campsite, I had no choice but to cycle 15 more miles to Montbeliard where I knew there were plenty of hotels, but no campsites!

River cliffs blue sky
Stunning scenery all day

I arrived in Montbeliard at about 7pm, and despite it being a long day it’s been very enjoyable!

2 Replies to “Friday 11th October. Dole to Montbeliard. 95 Miles.”

  1. Well, that looks a nice place. 95 miles and we never see you really knackered. That extra 15 miles must have been hard. Still, France is worth it and you’ll be sorry when you cross the neat and tidy border. Won’t you come home Bill Bailey, won’t you come home?

    1. To be honest the last few miles wasn’t too bad at all, once I knew I had to get to Montbeliard, I just put my head down and went for it! And let’s face it, it was a flat ride!

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