Friday 12, September. Edinburgh to Blair Atholl. 79 miles.

Had the normal problem this morning of finding my way out of the city and found it even more frustrating than normal due to my late departure, well not really late just later than I wanted be due to my stupid laptop deciding to update itself! Not a lots happened today just been riding along all day wasn’t even much to see as it’s been foggy for most of the day, I did see the sun late in the day at about 4 o’clock but that was it! Had a nightmare trying to find somewhere to stay again tonight, I thought I was going have a problem tonight from about 2 o’clock. I’d looked at the map first thing this morning and saw that there was a campsite at Pitlochry and thought that would be about the right distance for today, unfortunately about 30 miles away I saw a sign saying highland games at Pitlochry On Saturday 13th tomorrow! Great just what I needed another night of trying to find accommodation, well I wasn’t disappointed all the campsites and hotels were full as expected, it’s not the fact that there full so much it’s more of a pain for me having to go and ask! I just like to stop at the first place I see! Eventually I found another campsite about 10 miles away here at Blair Atholl.

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