Friday 12th October 2012 – Kuytun to Shihezi.

Kuytun to Shihezi. 73 miles.

More motorway riding today.

I seem to have left the snow covered mountains that have been running alongside me, since arriving in China and also Kazakhstan, a different mountain range I know.

Loads of cotton fields around, with loads of cotton on the road, you quite often see people walking along the side or in the centre reservation collecting it up.

Lovely cheap hotel tonight, even gad a computer with the internet in the room, bit slow but at least I was able to check my emails.

Dinner tonight was a chicken dish, spicy but very tasty, hard work with all the bones, they just chop the chicken up and put everything in! I was doing ok and even the claws tasted alright, but I got a bit put off when I discovered the beak and remembered that chicken dish the last time I was here, but at least this time it was cut up a lot smaller so I didn’t notice it! Managed to finish it all minus all the bones and beak!

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