Travelsonabike2 England Friday 13th-July-2018

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in England on Friday, 13th-July-2018. Brockenhurst to Brighstone. 22 miles. I saw this morning that there had been a weather warning put out for thunder, lightning and heavy rain! That’s good. I thought I’d stay here and test this new tent out to see if it leaks!

Touring bike loaded up
All loaded up and ready to go

But after looking more closely at the weather, I found out the bad weather was north of here. It only said nearby!

Coming into Yarmouth harbour

After finding that out, I decided to move on! After all, they were expecting another 300 people to arrive here tonight!

Looking down a hill
Looking back towards Yarmouth

I was a bit undecided about where to go once I’d left the campsite. I wanted to head down to Swanage but didn’t think I could cope with all the hills! So I opted for the Isle of Wight instead, just for a change!

The tablets Garry has to take each day

Cycling today was pretty easy, and I’ve not really had any pain. It seems to be hurting more now I’ve stopped! But that could be down to the fact I’m due more tablets!

Camped on the cliff edge

Very leisurely ride today. I didn’t leave until gone 10 o’clock and was here at Brighstone by 3 o’clock! And that included getting the ferry!

Kiddie train
Think I might get the train home

Camped right on the cliff edge tonight, but luckily, there’s a fence to stop me from rolling off in the night! I just hope there’s no cliff erosion!

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2 Replies to “Travelsonabike2 England Friday 13th-July-2018”

  1. How can you possibly take all those tablets? Don’t they give you constipation? A lovely campsite but how is it we never see you sitting in a cafe. If that bike were a donkey, you’d be had up for overloading. Do you ever do a day trip without the gear? It must be like floating on air.
    Best wishes – Malc

    1. For some strange reason I don’t seem to get side effects, not even from my new tablets!
      What’s a cafe??
      The only day trips I do without any luggage, is to the pub!

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