Friday 13th September- Neufchatel-en-Bray to Dieppe and back! 50 miles.

Got up at 5 o’clock all ready to pack up and go until I realised just how wet and un waterproof my tent was! Should I push on and try and sort it out later or stay here to try and sort it out. Not being able to decide what to do (nothing new there!) I just had another cup of coffee! By chance when I went to the wash room the owner of the campsite was there cleaning, I knew he spoke a little English after talking to him yesterday so I thought I’d ask him if there was any camping shops nearby, to which he replied, the only one he knew of was back in Dieppe! So after another cup of coffee I decided to leave my tent and all my equipment here and just cycle to Dieppe to get some water proofer. It’s an easy flat ride back along the London to Paris cycle route.
The ironic thing is that when I found the camping shop its right next door to the campsite I was going to stay at yesterday! D’oh!
Hopefully it’s all water tight now and will last the rest of the trip.

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