Cycle Touring India Friday 14th October. Dhule. 

I had another cockroach in my room last night only luckily I spotted it before going to bed, although it wasn’t very lucky for him!

He was a big brut a lot bigger than the one from the other day. I saw him when I came back from supper as I was just about to sit on the bed! He was there just under the bedside table just looking at me! There was no way that I fancied sharing my room with that thing last night!

Not really knowing what to do, I didn’t really want to kill it and I didn’t have anything I could catch it with so I went and got the young lad from reception. But of course as soon as he came the roach had disappeared!

With no roach to be seen there was nothing to be done, so the young lad left.

I knew Mr roach was in there somewhere just waiting until I’m asleep then he’d be crawling all over me!

I lay on the bed with my head hanging off trying to see if I could spot him scurrying around on the floor, there! Got him behind the bedpost of the other bed!

Now what was I going to do by the time I get somebody he’d have headed for cover again! As I said earlier I was reluctant to kill him and certainly not with my bare hands it wasn’t as if it was a fly this thing was a good 2″ in length!

I thought I’d get my towel and throw that over him to hold him whilst I went to get help.

I arrived back with the towel and he was now out in the open or out from the bedpost, he was along the edge of the wall, an ideal place to catch him I thought! So I quickly threw the towel over him and tucked the side’s down so he couldn’t escape.

As I sat back pleased with my work he suddenly shot out from under the towel, causing me to scream like a girl!

He was now under a chair and I was getting bored with all this now (as no doubt you are of hearing about it) this time when he broke cover I again threw the towel over him but this time I’m sorry to say I made sure he wasn’t going to escape as I hit and squashed the towel down. Sorry Mr roach I did give you a chance!

Once I thought he was dead or at least incapacitated I went back to reception for them to remove it and also get a clean towel!

Deepam took me along to the local hospital on the back of his Royal Enfield motorbike this afternoon to get checked out as I’m still not right, but then have I ever been??

We arrived at  the hospital and immediately had to take our shoes off before entering. We then went into a room with about 4 or 5 doctors in, one of them spoke really good English and started to say that they were going to keep me in for a couple of days so they could do some tests, well I think he must have seen the look of horror on my face as he quickly changed it to maybe one day then!

Hospital ward
View from my hospital bed

I was then led away to the ICU ward and given a bed where they then proceeded to take my blood pressure, my temperature and give me an ecg all normal practice when going into hospital so I wasn’t worried and thankfully all the tests came back ok.

The nurses who looked after me

Next up was an xray which didn’t come back as totally ok , so they referred me to another hospital after giving me some more tablets to take! In the meantime we went back to the hotel. I was just relieved to not have to stay in hospital for the night! Although Deepam did say that if I did stay in I could order food from the hotel and they would deliver it to me!Now that’s service!

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