Friday 14th September 2012 – Aktobe to Khromtau.

Aktobe to Khromtau. 66 miles.

Actually managed to get my arse moving today and left the hotel! Quite nice when I left this morning as they wanted to take some photos of me and my bike. After having a few photos with security I was once again on my way. It felt a lot warmer this morning compared to the past few days and it wasn’t so windy.

Found my way out of Aktobe without a problem, but then I have had three days to work it out!

About mid morning the wind picked up it was behind me but it still made it pretty difficult riding especially when big trucks came past, made for a very fast ride today though! I read this afternoon that this wind blows nearly all year, it’s called the Buran and comes down from Siberia, as long as it stays behind me I don’t mind.

Managed to find a hotel tonight which was a pleasant surprise, thought I might find one tomorrow, probably won’t now I’ve got one tonight!

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