Cycle Touring England Friday 16 June. Staywell to Wool. 69 miles. 

I was up nice and early today and on the road by 7! Unfortunately I didn’t get very far!

Swans and signet's
Swans with their signet’s along the side of the road

As I set off from the campsite I thought that the front brake was binding, it wasn’t yesterday when I picked the bike up, but the more I peddled the more I could hear it binding! I umed and are’d as to whether I should just ignore it and carry on my way or go back to the shop and let them sort it out, the only trouble was that they weren’t open for another hour or so!

Bridgwater and Taunton canal
Along the Bridgwater and Taunton canal

In the end I decided to go back to the shop and let them sort it out! So I took a very slow ride back to Bridgwater and was there more or less when they opened!

I explained the situation to one of the mechanics and he said it’s because I’m loaded now and the forks have flexed a bit. He adjusted the brake slightly and sent me off around the block on a test ride.

Everything was fine now and I was on my way by 8.45, in the end it wasn’t too much of a delay and at least everything was good again!


Been following national cycle routes again today thinking that it would be a different way to the last time, turns out that it wasn’t and most of it I’d cycled the last time I was this way! Still it was fairly traffic free, infact sometimes it was completely traffic free and also hard work! Cycling on rough tracks and having to open and close gates every 100 yards or so and the odd hill that I had to go up with a ridiculous steep climb! But all in all it was a fairly good ride.

Garry McGivern
At the top of the hill

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  1. Good on yer mate! You’re clocking up the miles again. I saw two comments on this post. Where are all these comments stashed?

    1. Not that many miles but certainly more than I’ve been doing!
      The comments are all somewhere on that cloud thing!

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