Bike-Ride To Australia 16th-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia Friday 16th-December 2011 Nagpur to Deori. 91 miles. Thanks to all for my birthday messages. I had a great day and something different to my typical birthday! There was a group of local businessmen on the table next to me in the hotel restaurant last night. Who meet at the hotel a couple of times a week. After talking to them for a while, they insisted I join them. It was fascinating talking to them about Indians and Indian culture. I was saying how Indian people are always interested in what I’m doing and want to help in any way they can! They said we say, “in India, we respect guests as a god”. No wonder I get mobbed whenever I stop! They also bought me a birthday cake! Which was a nice gesture and very much appreciated.

Two boys on a bike
My riding companions this morning

Indians do like their whiskey! The Indians who I sat with last night got through two bottles! There was only five of them! They tried to get me to drink some, but I was a good boy and stuck to my beer. The memory of my night with that Romanian football team is still fresh in my mind!

Watch Out

The area I’ve been cycling through today is tiger territory! Two people have warned me to be careful! I didn’t see any, only more monkeys! I did try standing by the jungle and calling “here kitty kitty,” but it didn’t work! Just as well, really!

The difference in accommodation from one night to the next is amazing. Last night it was a big posh hotel costing me £50. Tonight’s has cost me £2.50! I never know what I’m going to get from one day to the next! That’s the joys of travelling the way I do.

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