Friday 16th March 2012 – Denpasar

Day got off to a really good start, sausage, egg and bacon for breakfast, found a box for my bike at the first shop I went to, sorted out some bubble wrap and got the bike cleaned all before lunch! After lunch I dismantled the bike and packed it away. Had a problem with one of the alan bolts, the head had got sheared so I had to get a saw and cut it off, I’ll have to get it sorted when I get to Australia.

It was late afternoon when I’d finished, best ring those tossers at the mobile phone company. I was very calm and polite and did actually manage to get my phone sorted, it was then the stress started. Not going to go into details at the moment, but apparently when you phone up to talk to the phone company it’s not answered by them, they out source it to another company! Anyway let’s just say I’m extremely stressed over the whole phone issue and don’t want to talk about it at the moment!

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