Friday 17th August 2012 in Baku

Went back to the port at 10 o’clock as instructed to see about the boat and saw the same Russian lady I saw last night.

She said the boat was full as there was only space for 8 passengers but she would see if the captain would take me onboard, she tried to phone him but he was in a meeting or something and told me to come back again at 1.

This was everything I’d read about so it was no surprise really. Went back to the hotel packed away and loaded up the bike, checked out of the hotel as checkout was at 12 but said I might be back!

Took a slow ride back to the port and once again saw the Russian lady. She’d spoken to the captain and he said he’d take me but I’d have to find somewhere on board to sit and sleep and I’d have to hurry up as it was just about to leave! No problem I thought it’s got to be better than waiting around for a few more days for the next boat.

It all worked out very well, the best I was expecting was to have to come back again in the evening and then still wait!

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