Friday 17th February 2012 – Simpang Renggam to Singapore

Simpang Renggam to Singapore. 75 miles

Was trying to think of an excuse to complain to the hotel management this morning, but just couldn’t fault the place, don’t think she would have been working that early anyway!

Nice breakfast in the restaurant across the road from the hotel, duck with rice and coffee.

Set off this morning in the knowledge that Singapore was only about 40 or so miles away, so not too much of a rush.

Got a puncture fairly early on in the day, but kept trying to ignore it and just kept pumping the tyre up, eventually it started to deflate a bit too quickly, so I eventually had to stop to fix it. I was just packing away when a car pulled up and out got this man, who introduced himself as Rahman and was asking me about my trip, he was also a cyclists, but off road mountain biking. He then invited me to a cafe over the road where he proceeded to buy me breakfast. We chatted for a while and a couple of his friends came along to say hello.

It wasn’t too much further to the border once I’d left the cafe, only another hour or two, had a bit of trouble actually getting onto the bridge that connects Malaysia and Singapore, but a kind old man on a scooter lead me to it.

Passed through both checkpoints with no problems. Didn’t really know what I was heading for, all I knew was I needed to get to where the ferries left from, so just headed in a southerly direction. The map I had was on too large a scale and didn’t show any roads apart from the motorway! Because I didn’t know a name of where I was heading and there was no obvious road heading in the direction I needed, plus I was getting board, I decided there’s only one thing to do, go down the motorway!

I don’t mind motorway cycling as a last resort, as I do feel quite safe on the hard shoulder in my own lane. But I do sometimes wonder if I have a death-wish when I try and cross 4 lanes of fast moving motorway traffic!

Got to Singapore city fairly quickly once I was on the motorway and found a hotel in China town with my bike in the room, it’s a bit cramped but fairly cheap.

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