Friday 18th November 2011

Hills in Serbia
On the road near a place called Bor

Fri 18. Zagubica to Knajazevac 75 miles. Thank god I didn’t have to camp last night, it was cold enough in the room. I saw on the tele at breakfast that it was -6°c last night! Mind you it did only cost €30 for bed, breakfast, evening meal and beer! Put an extra layer on this morning, needn’t have bothered, spent the first 3 hours going up hill, I’d soon taken off the extra layer plus more! Didn’t seem half as cold today maybe it was all the hills, even going down them wasn’t that cold, mind you I didn’t go that fast the roads were in such a bad state I’d have either broke my bike or worse still come off. I did get up to 47mph at one point though! Should be in Bulgaria tomorrow night.

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