Friday 19th July. Ennis to Salthill. 46 Miles.

Another wet day and by lunchtime I’d had enough and found a campsite.

After looking out the window this morning, seeing the rain lashing down, I did try to stay at the hotel for another night. But they were fully booked, partly because of a music festival going on in the town, plus they also had a wedding going on in the hotel today. Dam inconsiderate if you ask me!

Beds in hotel room
Fancy being kicked out of here!

I had a good night in the pub that’s attached to the hotel last night, with plenty of the black stuff consumed!

Pint of Guinness
Was this my first or 6th, I can’t remember!

As part of the music festival, there was an Irish band playing in the bar. Which along with the Guinness made for a lively evening!

Clothes tent bike
All my household chores done for the day, and a brief bit of sunshine

Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow!

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  1. Shame about the rain but 46 miles is not to be sniffed at and you’re a free man out on the road. Guiness is good for you.

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