Friday 20th April 2012 – Jugiong to Gunning.

Jugiong to Gunning. 63 miles.

Foggy start to the day today, it was really thick at 6 o’clock but when I left at 7 it was starting to lift and the sun was coming out.

Felt a bit like the wild west last night in the bar most of the blokes seemed to be dressed like cowboys in there hats and boots, friendly lot everybody seemed to be called Garry though!

Nasty accident today between 3 lorries and 2 uts. I’d had a couple of police cars and an ambulance come flying past me and thought that there must be something up. The overhead signs on the freeway started to say slow down accident ahead, but it was a long time before I came across it, I suppose if your doing 70mph it doesn’t take long to do 20 miles or so, obviously on a bike it takes rather longer especially when its quite hilly! I just rode up this hill at 650 metres and was enjoying the free wheeling going down the other side when I came upon the accident. A petrol tanker was crossing over from one side of the freeway to take the exit when two lorries coming up the freeway on the opposite side, one in the fast lane and one in the slow lane came across the tanker, one lorry ended up in a field still upright and looked fairly unscathed, the other lorry which obviously bore the brunt of the impact you couldn’t really recognise it as a truck, but apparently the driver didn’t get killed, which by looking at the state of his rig was a bit of a miracle! And to top it all 2 uts run into the back of all this! It all happened in thick fog, we was in a valley and it was a lot thicker and lasted a lot longer here than where I was.

Not got as far today as I’d hoped due to being held up with that accident, can’t ride in the dark at the moment as my back light broke and fell off.

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