Friday 20th January 2012 – Mangle to Na Mo, Laos.

Mangle to Na Mo, Laos. 64 miles

Fairly flat ride today, must admit it’s been really hard work riding in China the hardest weeks cycle I’ve ever had. I’ve been up some climbs before but nothing like these, it was never ending, normally when I’ve been in mountainous areas you’ll get a climb and then maybe a drop and then it will level out for a while, not here it was either going up or going down there was just nothing in between! Hopefully Laos won’t be as bad.

Got to the Chinese, Laos border about midday as I said earlier it was a fairly flat ride. Went in and got my exit stamp just hoping that I was right about getting the Laos visa on the border. Once I’d got the stamp I returned to my bike to proceed through the border, which was fine apart from I had to push the bike the last 4 or 5 feet to actually cross the border line! Once out of China and in no mans land it I got back on the cycle, it was about a 500 metre ride to the Laos checkpoint all down hill. Once there, there was loads of people queuing at various windows, I saw the window that said visa upon arrival but nobody was there so I joined the queue that said entry stamp, I’d already filled out a visa form in Bangladesh, seeing as I’d had plenty of time! 45 minutes I was queuing, when I got to the front the border officer looked at my passport and said visa, I tried to explain the window was closed but he told me to go back, another half an hour waiting there, apparently the visa officer was having something to eat! Bit of a farce as he never even checked the visa form, but what do I care I got my visa! It was back then to get an entry stamp.

Staying in a guest house tonight, they seem to be in most villages, it’s cost me 50000 of whatever the currency is, which I need to work out!

Hopefully get to a city tomorrow as I don’t seem to have a phone signal either!

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