Travelsonabike2 India Friday 21st-October-2016

Garry McGivern Travelsonabike2 is cycle touring in India on Friday, 21st-October-2016. Sendhwa to Indore. 108 miles. I Had to fix one of my panniers last night. One of the nuts had come loose and fallen off (and I don’t mean me!) Luckily, I carry some spares, so it wasn’t a major problem, just more of an inconvenience having to empty the pannier!

People washing in the river
Wash time

It’s been a really long day with some big ghats (hills) to go up. I was on the road before 7 o’clock this morning as I knew I had to cover a lot of miles. And I didn’t arrive at Indore until about 7.30 pm! Then only to find out all the hotels were full! I was on my 6th hotel before I found a room. Apparently, the prime minister is coming to town tomorrow, and that’s why everywhere is full! I eventually got into my room at about 9.30!

Camels on road
A camel caravan

Despite my really long day and some long climbs, it’s been an enjoyable day. It was really good to get back into the routine of cycling all day. And stopping fairly late (although maybe not quite as late as tonight!). I have to find somewhere to eat, write my blog and sleep before it all starts again! 

Saw some monkeys today, the first on this trip. They just make me smile. It’s something that, being a European, you don’t just see along the side of the road!


There were also a lot of camels and goats. Not too sure whether it was market day, but there were herds of goats being driven along the road and causing havoc with the traffic!

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4 Replies to “Travelsonabike2 India Friday 21st-October-2016”

  1. Wow! 108 miles – it’s all or nothing with you. The roads out there look surprisingly good.
    Have you tried an Indian astrologer?

  2. Wow a some miles covered today Spike,well done hopefully a good indicator that you are well on the way to recovery!

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