Friday 21st September 2012 – Zhosaly to Shaghan.

Zhosaly to Shaghan. 69 miles.

Still felt rough this morning and had a bit of a temperature I debated as whether to stay put or not, in the end I took a couple of paracetamol and decided to move, I’d probably feel worse just hanging around, all I’d do would just keep thinking how ill I feel and that just makes things ten times as bad, always best to keep busy and take your mind off it. Certainly had things to keep my mind off feeling rough, a strong headwind and really bad roads that you have to concentrate on all the time! Didn’t feel too bad at the end of the day.

Had to tighten all the bolts on my bike at the end of the day today, where’s it’s so rough and bumpy I’d lost one from one of my racks, it had just worked it’s way loose, probably did me a favour in one respect, after I’d noticed I’d lost it (no problem to replace it I carry spares) I then checked all the other bolts and quite a few were loose.

Camping with loads of cows and horses around me tonight, loads of mooing and neighing when I first pitched my tent, think I might be on the piece of land they sleep on!

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