Friday 22nd May. Huelva to Faro, Portugal. 71 miles.

Not such a long day today, which was just as well after yesterday! Last night I literally got to the hotel had a quick shower and went for something to eat quickly before the restaurant closed at 11.30 then it was more or less straight to bed and before I knew it the alarm was going off and it was time to get up again! Fairly easy ride to get the ferry at Ayamonte this morning which was just as well really, and then it was a short 10 minute crossing on the little ferry across to Vila Real de Santo Antonio on the Portuguese side. Not overly impressed with the state of the roads here in Portugal, their worse than the ones in England! The one thing you can say about Spanish roads is that they are very good even the smallest of back roads! As I was making the crossing to Portugal I was debating as to whether I should throw the helmet over board, but apart from not wanting to add any more pollution to the seas I will however need it again once I get through Portugal and go back into Spain! After I realised this I attached the helmet to the bike and was enjoying riding along without having to wear it, the only trouble was it was actually easier to wear the stupid thing than attach it to the bike as I really don’t have anywhere for it and it just keeps getting in the way! At least that should please Vicky and Julie! Photo; Passepartout on the small ferry to Portugal.
Ferry to Portugal

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