Friday 23rd November 2012 – Beijing to Gatwick, England

Beijing to Gatwick, England by air.

Flight was ok and not very busy at all, so there was plenty of room to spread out. It did seem to be a very long flight and I only slept for an hour or so though.

Once we’d landed at Gatwick and I’d got my bike and bags, I went and found a quiet corner to put the bike back together, it was too early to check in to the hotel and I wanted to go into central London to get some maps for future trips I’m thinking about. Bit of a waste of time as I couldn’t find any of the maps I was looking for!

Had a little sleep in the afternoon, then out in the evening for a few pints and a nice steak.

Bed at normal time, hopefully I won’t be jet lagged tomorrow for the shortish ride home.

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