Friday 25th November 2011

Sign in toilet
Toilet humour in Istanbul

Friday 25th Nov, Istanbul. Went for a much needed haircut last night, also had a shave whilst I was there. After having dinner in the hotel restaurant which looks out over Istanbul and the Bosporus, I started to upload photos and videos that I’d taken, hopefully they’ll be on the website soon. Woke up at normal time of 5.30, only this time I didn’t have to pack my bags and load my bike! It was quite nice not having to rush around, although after a day or two, no doubt I’ll be bored and want to get moving again! No view from the hotel but you can hear the ferry fog horns as they cross back and forth across the Bosporus, sounds really nice! Managed to sort out a bracket to go on my bike handle bars so I can attach my camera, because it’s so cold and I’m wearing gloves all the time it’s a nightmare getting the camera out. Managed to find my way to the airport in plenty of time to meet Julie, I thought it was scary on a bike, it’s worse on the bus at least I’m in control on the bike. By the time we got back from the airport it was getting a bit late so we just went to a bar, had a few drinks and something to eat, the sightseeing will have to wait until tomorrow. Only photo is one taken in the toilets, it made me laugh, you’ll have to zoom in though.

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