Friday 26th October 2012 – Jiayuguan to Gaotai.

Jiayuguan to Gaotai. 106 miles.

Had my first puncture since Turkey, which wasn’t really surprising, considering I’m riding on the hard shoulder where all the debris ends up particularly bits of tyres from lorries, it’s the little bits of wire that give you the punctures, I must have pulled out about 10 bits of wire that were embedded in my tyre.

Apart from the puncture that’s about it for today.

I thought I was going to have a problem when I came off the toll road, it was a very quiet toll station and as I went to ride through the lady leaped out and beckoned me to stop, think she wanted to charge me something, but luckily there was a sensible policeman, who judging by his and her reaction told her to not be so stupid, it’s a bike let him go, and so I was waved through.

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