Friday 27th April. Washington to Bognor Regis. 20 miles.

Very short ride home today for no reason at all as it turns out! I only headed home because I was supposed to be doing somebody a favour, but as it turns out somebody else done it! Which is fine I just wish that I was told then I wouldn’t have come home!

Anyway all that aside at least I’ve been able to wash my clothes properly and also dry the tent out.

Swiss chalet
The Swiss chalet at the campsite that was the shower block

I was up nice and early this morning after looking at the weather forecast for today. It was forecast to rain from the early hours of the morning until about midday apart from a break at about 6am!

So not really wanting to pack away in the rain It was a bit of a dash!

For once the weather forecast seemed to be pretty spot on! And I managed to pack up and get on my way before it rained!

Now I’m home I need to force myself to keep active! It’s all to easy to sit around at home or go down the pub all day!

I might have to go away again, watch this space!

2 Replies to “Friday 27th April. Washington to Bognor Regis. 20 miles.”

  1. Hey Garry! I think you ought to stay on the road – become a cycling tramp. That top picture, was it your back garden? Anyway, your record of tours is impressive and you aint finished yet. I knew a man who used to cycle with one leg.

    1. A cycling hobo? I like the sound of that! It was the campsite last night.
      One leg that’s impressive! I once saw a one armed man doing the around the Isle Of Wight cycle ride!

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