Friday 27th January 2012 – Kasi to Phonkong

Kasi to Phonkong. 89 miles

Felt a lot better this morning, but still not 100%. Nice early start which was a surprise, there was a concert going on down the road which was so loud, or it always sounds louder at night and when your trying to sleep! I went along to it earlier in the evening but they was just between bands, there was loads of traders and a few prize stands. It was quite a good atmosphere, if you could get over all the stares! Didn’t stop long before I went back to my room, didn’t need to be there anyway it was so loud and clear I could hear it in my room. Think they eventually stopped at just gone midnight, then that stupid chicken woke me up at 4.30 again, it obviously wasn’t the one that got cooked yesterday!

Much easier ride today the big climbs have gone, the only trouble is so’s the tarmac! It’s been a really bumpy dusty day. Spoke to an American on a motorcycle when I stopped off earlier and he asked if I prefer all this dust or the big climbs. At the moment the dust as the climbs are still fresh in my mind, but maybe tomorrow I’ll have changed my mind. It has been very dusty I was black at the end of the day or rather red because that’s the colour of the dust!

Got another puncture earlier but couldn’t find it so changed the inner tube and thought I’d sort it out tonight, about 15km from the town I was going to stop in I got another puncture, seeing as it was only a slow one I pumped the tyre up in the hope it would last until I stopped. Luckily it did, just, thought I’ll repair both punctures before going to find some food, only to find my pump had packed up and wouldn’t pump anything up, luckily this happened when I was in a town if it had happened in the countryside, it could have been a right nightmare! Managed to find a new pump and fixed the punctures ok. Although the pumps not the smallest, it’s for motorbike tyres but I don’t care it works and it only cost £4!

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