Friday 27th July 2012 – Istanbul

Unpacked and put the bike back together after breakfast this morning, everything seemed to be ok and in working order.

After assembling the bike and going out for quick ride to make sure it was ok, I then spent most of the day doing boring bits on the computer, which I should have done before coming away! Trouble was it felt a bit like I was on holiday and I was having too much fun meeting up with people and drinking!

Was going to go out for a ride with the bloke from the restaurant earlier but because it’s ramadan and he’s fasting for nearly twelve hours a day he didn’t feel he had the strength! Don’t think I could go without food for that long!

All set and ready to leave straight after breakfast tomorrow, not really looking forward to the first 3 or 4 days as I already rode them last year, so nothing will be new, be good after that though.

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