Cycle Touring India Friday 28th October. Orai to Kanpur. 69 miles.

I had a really good sleep last night possibly down to me being so tired but a lot of it was down to sleeping in my own stuff. So I wasn’t Mr Grumpy today!

Two Indian men
People wanting me to take a selfie

If you remember I said that the guesthouse wasn’t the cleanest of places and I was thinking of putting my tent up I’m the room, well there really wasn’t enough room so instead of putting the tent up I put my groundsheet on the bed and then put my sleeping bag on top of that completely isolating me from the bed which is what I had the main issue with! The floor was cleaner at least that got washed!

Street in Bognipur
It’s Bognipur!

The roads were a lot better today and I had a fairly fast ride into Kanpur, although the last 25 miles or so the road was really busy even by my standards! A six lane motorway but still with all the chaos of a smaller road, cows, goats, people and other vehicles coming at me from every direction!

Staying in a nice hotel with good internet tonight just so I can see what’s going on in the world.

Colourful trinkets
Colourful trinkets for sale in the market in Kanpur tonight

Had a little walk out into the streets tonight blimey their busy! Which might be down to it being Diwali the festival of lights this weekend, a celebration of good over evil!

Busy street
Busy streets

2 Replies to “Cycle Touring India Friday 28th October. Orai to Kanpur. 69 miles.”

  1. Seeing all those people proves my point: copulation results in population.
    So, you still have all your camping gear as a back up.

    1. I carry the camping gear as a backup even though I know it’s highly unlikely that I’ll need it on this trip, it’s my comfort zone I just know if I got into trouble I could be self sufficient!

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