Friday 29th June 2012 – York to Central Square.

York to Central Square. 91 miles.

Got woke up pretty early this morning, by a storm, which judging by all the debris on the roads and a few trees that were down was a bit worse than I thought!

Really hot and humid today, it felt like it was in the 100s all day with the humidity and this afternoon I saw a sign saying it was 101°!

Passed through a big community of Amish people back near Lancaster this morning. Now I don’t profess to knowing too much about them, but I thought that one of their things was that they rejected modern the lifestyle, which is why they ride around in horse and carts, how come I saw them mowing their lawns with petrol lawn mowers and also sitting in MacDonald’s on their laptops and tablets then!

Saw loads of fire flys just outside my motel door in the woods and on the grass tonight, they’re amazing!

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