Friday 2nd August. Oxford to Bognor Regis. 97 Miles.

That was a long day, thirteen hours on the road!

Well I suppose it had to happen, about forty miles from home I got my one and only puncture!

Old building
Market place Abingdon

I think that somebody was trying to tell me something, as it happened just outside Greywell, which is where I was thinking of spending tonight, at the Fox and Goose. But I thought being a Friday, they might be booked up! So decided to continue on a little further and find another site.

River boats church spire
Church and river Thames at Abingdon

Bad move! There weren’t any more sites, not until a few miles from home, and by then it wasn’t worth stopping.

It was still a good day despite it being a long one! And a good tour, with 1355 miles covered in total.

Bike and panniers
Everything off to fix the puncture

I was hoping there might be a letter from the hospital when I got home! Giving me a date to go in for my operation, but alas there isn’t!

Maybe I’ll just have to go away somewhere next week then! No point in sitting around at home, I want to as fit as possible for this operation!

4 Replies to “Friday 2nd August. Oxford to Bognor Regis. 97 Miles.”

  1. Your bike upside down looks like a stranded whale. Lovely photos of Abingdon. Shame about the bad weather in Ireland. Still, if you can do a final stint of 93 miles, that’s something to be proud of. Now you’re back, have you thought of going to the gym?

    1. It always looks lost without the panniers on!
      I think Ireland was pretty good, considering what it was like the last time I was there!
      What’s the point in going to a gym, just get outside, I really don’t get them!

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