Bike-Ride To Australia 2nd-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia 2nd-December 2011 Gerede to Ankara 88 miles. Well, I’ve made it to Ankara and just realised it’s the weekend. The embassies are hardly likely to be open! But I’ll check them out in the morning. If they are closed, which is highly likely, I’m not going to sit around until Monday. I’ll just book a flight to India! I’m too impatient to sit around waiting, although if the embassy is open, I’ll have to sit around waiting for a visa!

Early morning in Turkey
Early morning near Gerede Turkey

Another tough ride today with two big climbs. The first climb was 1600 metres and the second was just over 1100 metres! And there was still the trucks, spewing out their fumes! Cycling into Ankara was odd! I was on a six-lane highway with only me on it! Considering how busy the roads have been since leaving Istanbul and how hectic cycling into Istanbul was, it came as a surprise!

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