Bike-Ride to Australia 2nd-March-2012

Bike-Ride to Australia Friday 2nd-March-2012. Krui to Tanggamus. 93 miles. A pleasant surprise in the hotel this morning. The price for my room included breakfast, and I’d only paid five pounds for the night anyway! A good start to the day, it didn’t last!

Cows by water
You don’t see that every day, cows on the beach!

Have I stopped yet? It certainly didn’t feel like it after such a late night yesterday, and I was back on the road by 7 am today! I spent a good part of the day not knowing if I was on the right road or not. My map is on such a large scale it only shows the bigger towns and cities. And there are no road numbers around here to match anything up with either!

I tried asking various people if I was on the right road, but they either didn’t know or didn’t understand what I was asking! There was no choice but to continue on my road, hoping it was the right one. I hate going out of my way on a detour! It’s such a waste of time and energy! I think that’s part of the reason I struggle to find accommodation. If it’s not on my route, I don’t bother looking elsewhere and keep going! Luckily I was on the right road, so no detour today!

A Dark Moment

Yesterday’s long day was beginning to catch up with me, and I was starting to flag! But after taking a break with a cup of coffee or two, I felt much better. That was until this afternoon! When I encountered another ridiculously steep hill, which really got me down! They are just so incredibly steep. And for the first time on this trip, I wondered why I was doing it! Nobody wants to donate any money to my charity. Only the people that usually do (for which I’m grateful) I don’t get any support from Cancer Research, either now or before I left home, and I’ve not even raised fifty pence a mile! I’m not enjoying this at all! Perhaps I should just go home!

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