Friday 2nd March 2012 – Krui to Tanggamus.

Krui to Tanggamus. 93 miles

Nice surprise in the hotel this morning, the price included breakfast and it had only cost me about £5 for the night anyway.

Spent a good part of the day not really knowing if I was on the right road or not. The signs don’t give you much of a clue my maps on such a large scale it only shows the bigger towns and there’s no road numbers. If you ask people they either don’t know or don’t understand you! I eventually worked it out that I was on the right road so could relax a bit then, I don’t like going out of my way, it seems such a waste of time and energy, perhaps that’s why I struggle trying to find hotels, if it’s not on my way I don’t look, although I did tonight as it was starting to get late again.

Felt a bit tired today after yesterdays long day, so had an early lunch at about 11 and a couple of cups of coffee, felt much better after that.

Had another big steep hill to go up this afternoon which really got me down, there just so incredibly steep, I was really feeling sorry for myself and for the first time wondered why I was doing this. Nobody wants to donate any money to my charity, only the people that normally do, (for which I’m really grateful) don’t get any support from Cancer Research, either now or even before I left home and not even raised 50 pence a mile! I’m not enjoying this at all, perhaps I should just go home!

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