Friday 2nd May – April Update

The month got off to a really good start when my consultant allowed me to get back on my bike. As soon as I got back from the hospital I was straight out on my bike and done 30 miles! It felt so good to be back riding again, as much as I was enjoying walking everywhere I do find it quite frustrating, it takes so long to get anywhere, a small trip into town seemed to take nearly half a day, but as was pointed out to me my Julie I didn’t have anything else to do!
Despite being allowed back on the bike, being able to drive and allowed to sit (sitting for too long is still uncomfortable though) my physio still thinks it’s too soon to start any exercises on my back which still feels really weak, it feels as if it’s just going to collapse a lot of the time! The exercises I’m doing are more or less the same ones that I was given when I was discharged from hospital! Personally I think the physio department that I’m going too are over stretched and can’t give me anymore appointments hence why they don’t want to give me more exercises as my next appointment isn’t until May!

Finding it more frustrating the longer things go on and I’m now starting to be in a bit of pain again and I’m now back on painkillers, which for a while I was clear of, hoping that it is as the doctor says and it’s just because I’ve increased my level of activity and should settle down after a while! Bloody hope so as it really doesn’t feel that brilliant, the more I do the more painkillers I have to take! Perhaps this is just old age and this is how it’s going to be from now on!!
Went to the IOW for one night and met my good friends Dave and Helen Barr, I was going to camp but they said that they were staying at the place next door, an old holiday park that was now being run as a B&B, this is the place where the infamous bikers do is held every year, the one we used to always gate crash! What with the weather forecast for next day being really bad and I think I would struggle with putting the tent up and down and the general camping thing I decided to join them, really wise move as the following day Easter Sunday, was awful weather wise it just poured with rain, it was more like being in the tropics but without the heat! I was struggling a bit riding my bike fully loaded, especially when it came to hills, so I used the rain as an excuse to catch the train home! Hopefully my level of fitness will improve rapidly now I’m riding my bike everyday again.

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