Friday 2nd November 2012 – in Yongdeng

Sorted my flight home today! Which I find pretty sad really, but it’s got to end sometime, I did only allow a year for the trip and that’s now passed!

Flying home from Beijing, decided Kunming could take quite a lot longer as it’s very hilly and Shanghai is the furthest one away, which would also take a lot longer. Still a bit worried about the weather though!

Went for a haircut this morning and had a bit more taken off than I would have liked, but it’ll soon grow! Quite enjoyed myself in the hairdressers with the 3 youngsters, they spoke some broken english and people always like to practice, which I always more than happy to oblige. You here them talking and asking each other what to ask next.

Went to buy some deodorant today, (try and explain that one!) I got shown suncream and hair remover, I did eventually find some, but it was for women and in a pink container, so I got bored with it all and gave up!

Whilst this was going on in the shop with a crowd of people trying to help, there was 2 young girls, Mary and Jae, they later told me were their english names. One of whom, Mary, spoke very good english and she helped me to get this deodorant thing sorted. We then went for something to eat, it was nice to have a conversation in english, she also explained to the people in the restaurant what I was doing, as they were always asking me questions.

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