Bike-Ride To Australia 30th-December 2011

Bike-Ride To Australia Friday 30th-December 2011 Faridpur to Dhaka. 58 miles. So much for taking my time getting to Dhaka! It wasn’t as far away as I’d thought! I blame my maps! The map I’d been using to cross India was on a scale of 1:3,000,000. But when I crossed into Bangladesh, I had to change maps, and my new map was on a scale of 1:750,000. I’d got so used to judging distances by just looking, hence why I thought Dhaka was a lot further. I must admit that I did wonder yesterday how I’d come so far!

Last night in the restaurant, I got talking to a group of medical students who were at the table next to mine. They helped me with the menu, as they spoke really good English. I chatted with them on and off throughout the evening as I was busy writing yesterday’s update. Then when it was time for me to leave, I happened to mention that I was going back to my room so I could have a beer. I wish I hadn’t had! They then proceeded to tell me how bad alcohol was! What do doctors know!? Although they are possibly more anti-alcohol because of their religion!

Tough Start

I was worn out before I started today! After carrying my bike back down from the fourth floor! Apparently, there are two ways to Dhaka, but my map only showed one! The one that nobody uses! But as I didn’t have this other road on my map, I decided to stick with the one I could see. It’s hard enough to navigate here at the best of times. None of the signs are in English, which is no surprise, but they also have a completely different script to ours! I can’t make head nor tail of it. It doesn’t match anything on my map! I tend to use my compass as much as anything!

Whether I was on the right road or not, it doesn’t matter. My road today was lovely and quiet! I only saw a handful of trucks and a few cars. I think the other road must be a new one, as it’s not on my map and all traffic must be on that now.

Water bus people
Leaving for Dhaka

I had to get a ferry today, which came as a bit of a surprise! I knew I had to get a ferry, but I just thought it was to cross the Padma River. It wasn’t. The ferry I caught took me on a two-hour journey to Dhaka! Once in Dhaka, it was a short ride from the ferry terminal to my hotel.

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