Friday 30th December 2011

Fri 30. Faridpur to Dhaka. 58 miles

So much for taking my time to get to Dhaka, it was just a lot nearer than I thought! At first I thought it was because I’d changed maps, the one I’ve been using through India is on a scale of 1:3,000,000 the one for Bangladesh is only 1:750,000 half the scale, but think I’d just got confused on how near it was!

Was talking to some medical students last night and I happened to mention that I’m going back to my hotel room so I can have a beer and they started to tell me how bad it was for me! Doctors, what do they know! Mind you they were probably more anti drink because of being muslim as well.

Left the hotel nice and early as normal, after carrying my bike down from the fourth floor, was worn out before starting to cycle! Apparently there’s two ways to Dhaka but my map only showed one, so went against everybody’s advice and followed the map or rather the compass as none of the signs are in English and not even the same alphabet so it’s a bit tricky to navigate. Luckily I was on the right road. Think the other road must be a new one and the way all the trucks go as my road was nice and quite. Had to get a ferry today which was a 2 hour crossing, not the sort of ferry I’m used to it was a barge with a tug boat tied alongside. Got invited over onto the tug to sit with the crew as there are no seats on the barge, there’s a little kitchen at one end which is where I was going to have something to eat, but the crew insisted I ate on the tug so there cook made me a goat curry, which I ate in there mess room.

Got to the port and said goodbye to the crew and they warned me about Ali Barbers (thieves) in Dhaka, so best watch out!

Short ride from the ferry into Dhaka it was only about 20 miles, it was chaos but managed to find the hotel ok.

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