Friday 30th March 2012. Balladonia to Caiguna.

Balladonia to Caiguna. 114 miles

Ideal day to cycle the 90 mile straight piece of road today, there was a good cross wind that was slightly behind me and I managed to cover 114 miles in under 7 hrs. I was at the next roadhouse before 3!

The actual ride itself wasn’t bad at all, I thought it might have been a bit boring, but I think because I’d psyched myself up expecting it to be boring and the good tail wind I just flew down the road and it went very quickly, think it would have been a different story with a headwind! Quite a few dead kangaroos along the side of the road and for some reason even more owls, don’t know if they fly into the lights on the trucks or what.

Went to stop for a break at one of the rest areas that have benches, I’d brought a muffin this morning to have as a snack and was looking forward to it, so up I pulled to the bench got a drink out and the muffin and sat down to eat it, then a pretty little yellow and brown bird landed on the bench right next to me, that’s a very friendly bird I thought and unwrapped the muffin, as I was undoing it the bird came even closer and tried to take a bit of the muffin and when I tried to shoo it off it moved away briefly but then came straight back to try and get my muffin, no matter what I did it wouldn’t go away, it was then joined by about 5 or 6 other birds and they all started to attack me and get my muffin they just weren’t frightened at all! I scoffed it down as quick as I could and made a hasty get away still with the birds attacking me!

So apart from all these other things like spiders and snakes, I now have to watch out for birds!

As I was riding along this morning a car pulled up alongside with two young men in it who were asking me about my trip and why I was doing it, they even gave me an apple which was lovely, it seems nearly impossible to get any fruit anywhere.

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