Friday 4th May 2012 – Brunswick Heads to Loganholme.

Brunswick Heads to Loganholme. 85 miles.

It was my last full day of cycling today, quite a sad day in one respect and I did shed a little tear, don’t really know why maybe just the fact that after 6 months of cycling the finish line is now in sight.

It was quite a bit further to Brisbane than I thought, mainly because all the road signs that give you the distance include going up the freeway! I got lost a few times and went the wrong way, but I haven’t got a map as mine ran out when I crossed into Queensland! So hence a few detours, but it doesn’t matter not now anyway.

Rode up along the Gold coast and I could certainly see why it’s so called, it’s just miles of lovely golden sand, also went through Surfers Paradise with all it’s high-rise buildings, mistook it for Brisbane at first!

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