Friday 4th November. Birgunj to Hetauda. 33 miles.

Cycling The Tribhuvan Highway Part 1

Short day today, with only 33 miles cycled, but it was a hard 33 miles! They were all uphill, and it took me 5 hours!

Dried up river bed
Dried up river bed

Tomorrow looks just as bad, if not worse than today! Great, I can’t wait!

Dusty roads
Possibly more of this tomorrow!

Apparently, there are two routes to Kathmandu from Hetauda. One is 220km long, or there’s a more direct route, of 70km. The only problem being, the shorter way is more of a track, the road surface disappeared a long time ago! Plus there’s also the small matter of a 2000 metre climb! I think I’ll wait until the morning before deciding!

Dried river bed
Followed this river bed uphill all today

I spent most of the afternoon in my hotel room updating the website until about 4 o’clock. After that, I went out for a shave and to look around, I was also keen on trying to find out more information on the roads to Kathmandu.

I’m reminded a bit of China with the food stalls on the street corners selling chicken pieces on skewers, it certainly tastes as good!

Watch Garry’s YouTube video “Cycling the Tribhuvan Highway.”

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