Cycle Touring Nepal Friday 4th November. Birgunj to Hetauda. 33 miles.

Cycling The Tribhuvan Highway Part 1

Really short day today distance wise, but it was still nearly 5 hours of peddling uphill!

Dried up river bed
Dried up river bed

As suspected it was all uphill and by the looks of it, tomorrow will be even worse!

Dusty roads
Possibly more of this tomorrow!

To get to Kathmandu from Hetauda there are two routes one is 220km which by any margin is a long way round or there’s a more direct route which is only 70km but apparently it’s more like riding off road as the road surface is none existent! And there’s a climb of at least 2000 metres! Maybe I’ll wait until the morning and see how I feel, I’ll also see if there are any vehicles heading up the short route!

Dried river bed
Followed this river bed uphill all today

Spent most of the afternoon in my hotel room updating the website, until about 4 then went out for a shave and to have a look around.

I’m reminded a bit of China with the little food stalls on the street corners selling chicken pieces on skewers, it certainly tastes as good!

Watch Garry’s YouTube video “Cycling the Tribhuvan Highway”

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