Travelsonabike2 Nepal Friday 4th-November-2016

Cycling The Tribhuvan Highway Part 1

Travelsonabike2 Nepal Friday 4th-November-2016. Birgunj to Hetauda. 33 miles. Short day today, with only thirty-three miles cycled, but it was a hard thirty-three miles! They were all uphill, and it took me five hours! And as I couldn’t see another town on the map, I thought it was best to stop.

Dried up river bed
A dried up river bed

Tomorrow looks just as bad, if not worse, than today! Great, I can’t wait!

Dusty roads
Possibly more of this tomorrow!

The other reason for stopping early was the road splits in Hetauda, and there are two routes to Kathmandu. One is over two hundred kilometres, or there’s a more direct route of seventy kilometres. The only problem, the shorter way is more of a track than a road. The road surface disappeared a long time ago! Plus, there’s also the small matter of a 2000-metre uphill climb!

Dried river bed
Followed this river bed uphill all today

I spent most of the afternoon in my hotel room, updating the website and trying to find information on the shorter route to Kathmandu. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out that much. Some online maps show a road that goes all the way to Kathmandu. Other websites show the road just stops in the middle of nowhere. This is one of those moments when I wish I had a smaller-scale map with me. In the end, I gave up on the internet and went out to see if the staff on reception could help. They didn’t help either; they just said, “Road out, gone, washed away!” I gave up and went out for a shave and a wander around Hetauda.

Not Much Help

I hoped the barber could help, but he didn’t speak English. I struggled to get him to understand that I wanted a shave! I tried asking a couple of taxi drivers, but they didn’t understand me either. I think I’ll wait until the morning before deciding!

Nepal reminds me a bit of China, with all the street vendors and their barbeques. They all cook food on wooden skewers. Although I seem to remember there was a little more variety in the food they cooked in China. Here, it was mainly chicken, but it still tasted good.

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